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LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

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LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

Post by Neodymium09 on Fri 22 Nov 2013 - 9:29

Hi SGCers,

I am hunting for a LiPo battery checker/alarm. Anyone can recommend one that is 'Trail Proven'. I prefer the one that plugs directly to the balancer connector and easy to do waterproofing.
Any difference in getting one with just Red/Green LED indicator vs the ones that shows the actual voltage values?

On another topic, I am looking for batts which are rechargable and can connect directly to power up a rig LED light that requires DC 12V inputs. Anyone can suggest? Was thinking of a 11.4V LiPo, but unsure if it is safe for direct connection and no cut-off monitor. Should I go for another type of batt?

Thanks for the advise. See you guys this weekend! bounce 

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Re: LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

Post by babyboy on Fri 22 Nov 2013 - 23:12

Hi Neodymium09. I buy those ready made led light that plug direct to the rx free channel. 5V is all it needs. I can power it up using power between 4.6V to 7.2V. This helps to minise the load. Think most bro dun use extra battery for their lighthing. I sometimes uses a rx batt for the lighting. The led comes in 4 white and 2 red.

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Re: LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

Post by Zax13 on Sat 23 Nov 2013 - 7:34

What kind of lighting requires 12v? Unless its a 1:1 scale car...Rolling Eyes 
But the best is to use whatever battery pack that your rig is running on, normally would be 7.4v.
As for voltage checker, we would recommend hobbyking as they are selling all sorts of battery checker.
For me personally I would use the one with digital value written normally without buzzers. The reason being half way across the trail you can plan where u need to replace your packs but you have to keep monitoring the value due to no buzzers. Where as those led type indicators normally with buzzers will go red anytime at anyplace or in the middle of video shoot even.
No one down here have really from what I know found the correct formula in waterproofing anything. Everyone have their own style and method. I personally go for the least expensive and least messy. Put the components inside a balloon and double tie wrap it. So far, this is the only method I tried.
I keep my voltage checker handy on hand and the leads wire accessible so I can check from time to time through the trail. Wink 

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Lipo Voltage Indicator and additional lights

Post by Neodymium09 on Sat 23 Nov 2013 - 7:47

hi babyboy, Zax13,
Good advise, I will check if the RX still have the extra unused power channel as this rig already have the 4 white LEDS and 2 RED ones as standard wraith lighting.
It will save me from managing yet another batts.

The lights I found is made by cree. 2 Leds (400Lux) each and requires 12V DC. You are right it was meant for other applications. I just want brighter lights since I bumped into too many things with my wraith bashing through the dark (weekday eves) and once ended up cutting through an ant hill and had tons of ant hitchhikers..Not to mention busting my front bumper on a a tree root that appears out of nowhere.. lol
Just looking for better visibility.

As for the voltage indicator I guess I will buy the one with the audio since I might balloon it up afterall and might not be able to see the LED or displayed voltage constantly.

Thanks and have great weekend!

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Re: LiPo Battery Voltage Checker

Post by Sponsored content

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