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Noob question on higher voltage 3s lipo systems and need for BEC? And best kva motor for crawling??

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Noob question on higher voltage 3s lipo systems and need for BEC? And best kva motor for crawling??

Post by Krys on Mon 17 Feb 2014 - 0:45

So I'm seeing some combined brushless motor and esc systems on HobbyKing website - also happen to be waterproof... If you run a 3s battery (11v?) do you have to get a separate BEC item and somehow install this so you can run servo and Receiver off the main 3s battery? What's the alternative - a smaller separate battery pack for the servo/rx? I also read that lower kva brushless motors will give lower speed so are better for crawling - so better buy lower of power range?? Sorry if dumb questions - very new to hobby! Thanks...


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Re: Noob question on higher voltage 3s lipo systems and need for BEC? And best kva motor for crawling??

Post by laneboysrc on Mon 17 Feb 2014 - 8:59

Most modern ESC have a BEC built in.
If it is a 3S capable ESC that it should be a "switch mode" ESC, while low end 2S ESC get away with a linear regulator (= they burning away the excess voltage).
So the motivation for an external BEC would only be if you run a lot of gear (servos etc) that need more current than the BEC in the ESC can provide -- or if the ESC is 3S capable yet clearly states that the BEC can only be used with 2S. Some cheaper ones have such a limitation.

It is certainly better to go with an external BEC than a separate battery pack. HobbyKing has nice switch mode 3Amps BEC for less than USD 4. Less weight, less space, less batteries to worry about.

The most important thing for crawling is that you must have a "sensored" motor. Sensorless are not suitable as they do not perform well from stand-still onwards.
The KV that you need depends very much on the gear ratio of your vehicle (usually printed in the manual!), the tire size and the speed that you want to achieve.
Most crawlers have a top speed of about 10 km/h. But if you want to build a fast Wraith or so that obviously you will want to go for a much higher speed, hence you may need a higher KV.

Any reason you looking specifically for 3S? For a low speed crawler that is not needed, but for a fast rock blaster certainly appropriate.


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