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[PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

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[PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by laneboysrc on Fri 20 Feb 2015 - 20:34

Evening all together!

Unfortunately this one does not belong to me, I only built it. My first client Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

This is a Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 Prototype shell. Hence no numbers and only a rudimentary set of decals on the car. As usual, Tamiya made an excellent job with the realism of this shell when compared to reference photos that can be found on the Internet.

This car does not have a light kit, so we had to make our own. Same as the Lexus we did recently: get the size via a rough cardboard template, clean drawing on the computer, Styrene pieces glued together. Job's a good'n.
To trace the curves of the body I discovered an excellent method: take a piece of solder and wrap it around the curve you want to transfer. The solder is extremely flexible and does not spring back. Works really well!
Need to write a patent on this  geek

A few evenings of craft work and the custom buckets fit nicely. 3D printer is already on the shopping list, which will make things easier in the (not too near) future.

A piece of strip-board on the back to hold the LEDs and allow for the wiring to attach.

Lots of effort went into this shell: bottom of the spoiler painted instead of stickers; all grills transparent to allow the client to put plastic scale radiators behind; Liquid mask used for the head lamps.

Nothing nicer than a freshly painted shell  flower

The masking worked reasonably well, defects are hardly visible since both colors are dark. The result is extremely nice in my not-so-humble opinion  albino

Indicators in the fender. A small SMD LED soldered onto a tiny piece of strip-board where the wires will attach later. The strip board was secured with a drop of Shoe Goo.

The body shell was a spare part that was stored improperly for a long time and had a crack below the right door. Shoe Goo and a scrap piece of Lexan fixed that.
The wire harness is enamel wire, twisted together with a hand drill. The Enamel coating melts at 400 degrees, so you can use your soldering iron to strip it and then solder to the LEDs or the light controller. Very easy, very tidy, very simple.
Enamel wire can be recycled from loudspeakers or transformers found in switch-mode power supplies. Or it can be found in dumpsters when large electronic companies lay off whole departments  Sad

When everything is done, paint the wires black to make them disappear. We also made a craft-paper cover for the light buckets. Makes the back look tidy and seals off any leaking light.

For many more photos please visit our Flickr album at

have fun with RC, Werner

PS: interesting RC projects are welcome any time. Just bring the required material and collect it when its done. Razz This shell took three weeks to complete.

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Re: [PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by RCGolf on Sat 21 Feb 2015 - 10:53

Fantastic and meticulous work as usual ... Love the wire work; and the front head lamp looks just like HID.

So how do I sign up to be a client? ;P

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Re: [PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by babyboy on Sat 21 Feb 2015 - 13:02

Wow.... amazing work. You will have lots of clients queuing up.... that includes me.

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Re: [PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by laneboysrc on Sun 22 Feb 2015 - 8:26

Thanks guys!

RCGolf wrote:So how do I sign up to be a client?  ;P

  • Buy shell and paint
  • Bring to Woodlands
  • Wait patiently
  • Collect

Interesting RC projects are always welcome. Love building without having to spend money  Laughing

babyboy wrote:You will have lots of clients queuing up.... that includes me.
Any time! Just let me know when your Landy is ready to receive lights. If you want me to paint it, I'd love to give that a go too!

One more thing:
The client said that this shell will most likely never be run. So I programmed the light controller to simulates driving, switching the lights on/off at random time. All that's needed is a 1-cell LiPo (I use free, old 18650 cells from damaged laptop battery packs; works for 6+ hours on one charge). When the light controller doesn't detect a receiver signal for 5 seconds, it switches into "demo mode". If you connect an RC system, the light controller works as usual with realistic brake/indicators/reversing lights etc.
The client requested one of the light patterns being like a F1 safety car (head lamps and rear lamps alternately flashing), so I did that too.
Here is a clip:

on to the next project, Werner

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Re: [PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by babyboy on Sun 22 Feb 2015 - 12:25

OMG! That is awsome. I'll be contacting you soon. Smile

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Re: [PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by boolean21 on Tue 24 Feb 2015 - 9:04

Where to get queue numbers????

I need some queue numbers!!!

Nice work bro!!

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Re: [PHOTOS] Bug-eyed Subaru

Post by Sponsored content

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