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2.4Ghz radio system recommendation

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2.4Ghz radio system recommendation

Post by babyboy on Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 9:59

Looking for a 2.4ghz 3 channel Radio System. Any recommendation for good and low cost radio? Or should I get a used one?

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Re: 2.4Ghz radio system recommendation

Post by laneboysrc on Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 15:00

Two popular choices are:

Flysky GT3B
HobbyKing HK310

Both have a display, model memory and many nice and useful adjustments.
The GT3B has backlight, the HK310 does not. Under daylight the HK310 is much better to read than the GT3B, during the night the situation changes due to the missing backlight on the HK310.

The 3 channel switch on the HK310 is a mechanical switch on the top of the transmitter. To operate it you have to take the hand off the steering wheel.
The GT3B has a button near the throttle and can be operated with your left thumb. The button toggles: press it once moves to position A, press it again moves to the opposite position B.

The GT3B has very cheap (USD 6 a piece!) and small receivers, HobbyKing one's are a bit more expensive, especially their small one (but that one is even smaller than the GT3B receiver)

Functionality wise the HK310 is a bit better with sub-trims, expo, mixing, etc. HobbyKing also has an even cheaper HK300 version without display (and therefore no model memory and other advanced features), and lately they introduced a HK210 for USD 18 with even less features but apparently same RF technology.

Personally I found the HK310 menu system easier to use than the GT3B.

The steering wheel on the HK310 is smaller in diameter than the GT3B, which is why some people feel that the steering has less "angle".

Unfortunately both use 8 AA batteries (better would be 6 or 4).

The RF electronics in the HK310 is top notch (made by Nordic, a pioneer in frequency hopping 2.4 GHz systems). I don't know anything about the GT3B in that respect but I never heard anyone complain about it, so should be fine as well.

The HK310 has apparently issues with very fast servos: when you use expo or end point adjustment then apparently the servo speed goes down. Seems to be only an issue for racing, certainly haven't seen any issue on our Dingo (or drift car, or 4wd buggy)

The mechanics in the HK310 are OK, but not brilliant. Due to hard use (transmitter taking a few hits) we broke off a plastic pin for the throttle return mechanism, and a few weeks later for the steering. Was easy to fix though with a 2mm screw.
The GT3B I had also had an issue with a sticky throttle that required filing of the casing.
You get what you pay for...

The HK310 operates down to 7 Volts, the GT3B starts beeping very annoying below 9 Volts. The HK310 has a software bug that when you battery really runs low (way below 7 Volts) than your vehicle runs off -- despite the system having a "failsafe" function.
I feel that the HK310 gets more battery life than the GT3B, but both last for quite a long time on good NiMH like Sanyo Eneloop.

Bottom line: both are excellent value for money, especially if you take good care of them.

I suggest you have a look around tomorrow and see what people are running!


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Re: 2.4Ghz radio system recommendation

Post by babyboy on Sat 15 Sep 2012 - 20:06

Thanks for the great and detail info. Will still scout around to see different Radio System. I'm thinking of getting 2 for the young drivers. Easiers for them.

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Re: 2.4Ghz radio system recommendation

Post by Sponsored content

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